Czech Families

A traditional Czech family has two children, lives in a three room flat or a small house and goes on holiday once or twice a year. A man is the one who is the head of the family and earns money. He spends a lot of time at work and sometimes helps with the household, especially when there is a technical problem in the flat or the house. His wife takes care of their children and runs the household. Even though Czech women work full-time, they organize their time so well that they are able to spend a lot of time with children and make warm dinners for the whole family in the week. At the weekends they are all together and have fun while doing various activities or on trips.

Czech women take care of their appearance and build. Whenever they find time, they do sports to keep fit or devote time only to themselves. They like beauty and spa treatments such as massages and whirlpool. Once or twice a month they go to the hairdresser and cosmetic salons as they want to be attractive and feel sexy. If a man wants to give them a nice present, he should buy some jewellery or clothes. Such presents will definitely make them feel happy. Similarly to Polish women, Czech women dress elegantly and are always neat.

Mothers are good role models for each Czech girl. Girls usually share their love stories with them and search for advice whenever they are desperate. Boys mostly look up to their fathers, respect them and copy their behavior while they are growing up. Parents support their children from their very childhood, pay for various activities and enhance them in their studies. Even though upbringing of children is financially demanding, the family does its best to enable children to have a nice and fulfilling childhood as well as teenage years.

18. 07. 2012