Visit Slovakia, find your love

Slovakia is not Slovenia! It is not the only common misunderstanding from foreigners. Slovakia is the small country in the central Europe. Even George W. Bush and many politicians have changed names of these different countries! There are so many definitions of Central and Eastern Europe, that it really depends on the source you are using whether you find Slovakia in Central or Eastern Europe. Only very few people actually know, where it is after asking. But never mind. I just try explain country, where I live! May be you will need some map to find my country.

Why I love my country

There is a lot of things, why you should visit my country! At first – we have great nationals parks with diverse nature. We have got interesting history and for example we have a lot of folk dances, you can see. In my country is more than 5000 caves, some of them you can visit. And you can taste one of my favourite sheep cheese named bryndza. It is a special kind of fermented sheep cheese and it is used to Slovakia´s national dish named Bryndzové halušky! But not only natural or historical buildings etc. is really beautiful for me. Slovakian women are one of the other important thing why I love my country!

Slovakian women

These girls and women are usually very friendly, warm and caring towards families and children. Naturally smart and polite, very diplomatic when it comes to waiting for something they really believe in. If you want to get to know one of them, you have two opinions! One of them is visit Slovakia, the second is register on datig website named Czech single women - If you do not believe me, just try it. Our women are really one of the best women on the world!





24. 04. 2018