Czech Women’s Role in the Family

Czech families traditionally follow stereotypes that were set many years ago. A typical Czech man earns a living and thus provides financial stability to the whole family. He usually does a few household chores and cares about technical things in a flat or a house. Czech women, on the other hand, do a great variety of activities. Except for going to work they take care of the whole family and run the household. In the week they go shopping and at the weekends they usually cook, do housework and together with their partner go on trips or spend time altogether. If a family has children, the couple agrees on a schedule according to which they take their kids to school or various playgroups and activities.

Czech girls are brought up in a traditional way. Since their childhood they have to help with the household and they are taught how to cook in many cases. When they are in their mid or late twenties they start to look for their future partners with the aim to settle down, get married and have children. A family plays an important part in their lives similarly to the Polish women.

However, not all families follow the traditional principles in modern society. In many of them a woman makes living and supports all the family financially. You can often see couples where a man goes on maternity leave instead of a woman and in fact swaps the role with his wife. In addition, there are also families that save up money and when a child is born to them, both parents are able to stay at home for some time without working. They have a great opportunity to see their child grow up and can enjoy time together. Moreover, in wealthy families a woman tends not to work. She is usually a housewife who runs the household and ensures family’s comfort or helps with the family business.

13. 06. 2012